• STEPS ERP STEPS ERP In today’s fast-paced business environment, only specialized software solutions such as STEPS ERP for Pharmaceuticals deliver the highest value for money as they offer extensive yet relevant features, best industry practices and quick updates to new developments in the industry. Selection
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  • ICT Consultancy Our success is in providing expert advice and support at an affordable cost. Our advice is always practical, realistic and ensures business needs are put before technology.   The result is that you have the ICT Infrastructure and solutions that
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    ICT Consultancy
  • Software Development Software Development Our business solutions enable strong database structure, simplifies business process, smooth user interface & powerful reporting engine to empower the business
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Power of simplifying business

Construct Future

Past is example of present and present is the strength to construct future. STEPS ERP helps to explore the exact current position of business

Business Monitoring

With a successful implementation of STEPS ERP, top management can have a consolidated view of sales, inventory, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Financials, HR and receivables & payable at the same time

Let me introduce ourselves

WEBNS's unique approach has been proven via ERP and IT strategy. We are particularly well-equipped to deliver & impletement ERP solution to automate the business not only because we are independent of development sector with a seasoned & expart team, but also because of our size and clout in the ERP market.

Moreover, we have the flexibility to work with our clients on longer-term engagements and to adapt to increased and modified project scopes throughout the engagement.


> ERP is our focal point
> Extensive software research, reports, and thought leadership
> Proven and accelerated PERFECT project methodologies
> Consultants have operational experience in multiple industrie
> Big-picture focus on how technology can improve your business
> Team-based and collaborative approach to solving your business needs
> Measurable results and return on investment exceeding our fees
> A global team of independent ERP experts, most with large consultancy experience